Each topic or article that you create can have an 'overview' image. The overview image is the hero image for that topic or article - the billboard, the poster, the representative image for that topic or article.

Adding an overview image

To add an overview image to your topic or article, as a creator you can edit your topic or article and then navigate to the Settings menu. In the Settings menu, select the Update overview tab.

The Update overview tab allows you to edit any part of your topic or article overview, including the overview image.

To enable an overview image, check the box 'Display an image with your overview.'

You can now either upload an image of your own or search for one from our library. Try to use a simple image with clear, large items/meaning. The overview image will be among the first things seen by an explorer, so it makes an initial impression on them for the rest of the topic or article.


To ensure the best fit for your overview image in the all the locations it can be shown, it is very important that you crop your overview image to 1000 x 450 px (or a multiple of that ratio).

Images which are very wide (thin) or long (tall) may be scaled or cropped to fit in certain locations. By cropping your overview image to 1000 x 450 px you can ensure your image will look correct in all locations.

You can do this easily in the platform. After uploading your image, click on the link below to open the image editor. In the image editor, select the Crop button and then the Crop shape menu and then the Overview shape. This will create the perfect crop ratio for your image (you can move your image around within the crop shape to find the best aspect).

Choose locations to display your overview image

After cropping your image, you can select the locations to display it.

Display on the explorer dashboard - This will display in the image beside the topic or article title on the explorer dashboard as well as on the overview 'slideout' when selected by an explorer on their dashboard.

Display on the overview module (Topics only) - This will display the image on the Overview module in a topic (the first module in the main topic navigation screen.

Display on completion certificate - This will display the image on the completion certificate.

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