How can I change the brand and logo in my portal?
Each Tribal Habits portal can be fully branded to your organisation's logo and colours. You can also configure your learner dashboard.
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Admins can update the branding for their Tribal Habits portal at Admin β†’ Account β†’ Brand.

What parts of our brand can we change?

Your brand

  • Organisation (name). This is the name of your organisation which appears in a variety of locations throughout your portal and notifications.

  • Main Logo. This logo appears in the title bar of most pages in your portal, as well as in various locations in topics and articles, and on completion certificates. Your main logo should be:

    • On a white or transparent background.

    • 250x80 pixels is the ideal size. Larger logos will be scaled down.

    • Be a high-quality PNG or JPG.

    • Wider/longer logos work better than thinner/taller logos.

  • Favicon. The favicon appears in the tab of the browser. Favicons should be at least 64x64 pixels and ICO file format.

  • Primary and Highlight Colours. These should be the two main colours for your portal. Tribal Habits utilises white text in some locations and these colours should therefore be relatively dark. As you select a colour, we will indicate its contrast ratio with which text - aim for a ratio of at least 3.

Your primary admin

  • Primary Admin Name and Email. The Primary Admin Name is not a user, but a label - it is the label put on all notifications from your portal (and therefore appears as the 'sender' in an inbox). It would typically be something like 'ACME Training' or 'XYC Learning and Development'. The Primary Admin Email is the email address where we will send any replies to primary admin notifications. This is very rare since the emails do not encourage a reply. Still, replies are possible and so this should be a monitored email address (it can be an individual person or a group email address monitored by several people).

Your login page

  • Login Page Image. This image appears on the login pages for your Tribal Habits portal. It is a 'welcome' image for your learners. It may be a version of your logo or a picture.

    • Landscape/wider images work better than taller images.

    • High-quality PNG or JPG is recommended.

    • The maximum width is 1,000 px (larger images will be scaled).

    • NB: If your organisation utilised SSO, then your users will never see the Tribal Habits login pages! Your login pages will only be visible to external users outside your SSO system.

  • Login Page Text. This text appears on the login pages for your Tribal Habits. It represents a welcome message, perhaps with some additional information for your learners. This text is limited to 500 characters to keep the login page focused.

Your learner dashboard

The learner dashboard comprises up to four tabs which are visible to users in your portal depending on their individual settings. For more information, see this support article.

The four possible tabs are:

  • The Training tab

  • The Catalogue tab

  • The Profile tab

  • The Team tab

You can configure separate text and a banner image for each page.

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