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Why can't I have more than 14 big points in my topic?
Why can't I have more than 14 big points in my topic?

Each topic can have up to 14 points.

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As you create a topic, you start by outlining and collecting your thoughts into 1-14 'big points'.

Online learning data shows that most people like to explore topics which are about 30-60 minutes in length. It’s easy to fit 30-60 minutes into your daily work. It's also more engaging to start a topic which feels achievable within one to two sittings.

So to help make the topic navigation easy to understand, and to encourage topics which are no longer than 60 minutes, we have limited the number of big points to 14.

This means you may need to group big points together, or consider creating more than one topic (perhaps a series of topics in a Pathway) if your initial thought is for more than 14 individual big points in a topic.

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