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How can explorers upload documents or files for review or assessment?

You can use the Upload element to allow learners to submit files for online storage or review.
Written by Jordan Early
Updated 8 months ago

The Upload element allows explorers to upload a file into a topic or article.

Creators can use the Upload element in any topic or article, in any location. You can also have multiple Upload elements to allow for multiple file uploads as required.

The Upload element is quite simple.

  • You can optionally add a brief instruction about the file to be uploaded - perhaps defining exactly what file the explorer is supposed to upload.
  • You then need to give a 'label' to this upload. This label is for reporting purposes only and not visible to the explorer. It is used to differentiate different uploads in the same topic. It should therefore be just 1-2 words to define what is being uploaded in this element.
  • Optionally, you can then select a checkbox to determine if the upload is mandatory (if unchecked, the upload will be optional).
    That's it!

Explorers then see your upload element, with any optional instructions, and can upload their file. Explorers are able to delete and replace their upload.

How do you see uploaded files?

First, in topics, creators can see uploaded files on the 'Review upload' tab in the Settings area when editing a topic.

Second, in topics and articles, admins can use the Upload tab when viewing a topic or article to review all uploads. Admins can also use all the standard filter options to sort uploads.

In both cases, clicking on the upload fie will trigger one of two responses.

  • If the file type is recognised by your browser, then your browser will open the file for viewing in a new tab. This is typically media type files, but may also include PDF documents, depending on your browser.
  • If the file type cannot be recognised by your browser, then your browser will download the file to your desktop - you can open it with the correct software from there.
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