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How can I manage self-enrolment or create a catalogue of training?

In addition to manually enrolling users into training, you can also use enrolment rules to enable self-enrolment via a training catalogue.
Written by Rolf Lawrenz
Updated 7 months ago

In addition to manually enrolling users into training, you can also use enrolment rules to enable self-enrolment by users into training via a training catalogue.

Enrolment rules dictate which topics or articles are made visible to each user in their catalogue. So they also help you create and manage separate training catalogues for different types of users. 

Start by filtering your users

IMPORTANT! By default, topics, articles and pathways DO NOT APPEAR in any training catalogue. You need to first set-up a self-enrolment rule to allow a topic, article or pathway to appear in a user's catalogue.

The first step in creating an enrolment rule is to go to the People view in your Admin area and create a search in the Filter panel which matches your desired rule. 

  • Example: If you wanted all staff to see a topic in their catalogue, your would search by Type equals Staff.
  • Example: Let's say you had a custom field for location and you only wanted learners in, say, Sydney to see a certain pathway. So you would create a search of Location contains Sydney.
  • Example: Let's say you had a custom field for team and one for role. If you only wanted managers in the sales team to see a certain article, then you would search as Role contains manager and Team contains sales.

After you run the search, you will see all existing people who match that search/rule. This is a good time to check that the users from the search are good representations of the users you want for this rule!

Save your enrolment rule

When you are happy with your search, you will see an option to 'Save rule' (at the end of the filter box and its selected search options). In this case, we have searched by two custom fields to find everyone in the Sales team who started in 2012.

Now we can select the Save Rule button. This will allow you to choose which topic, article or pathway to apply this rule to. Your rule will then be added to that topic, article or pathway.

You can select multiple topics, articles or pathways to apply a common rule to a group of topics at once.

How do explorers view their training catalogue?

Explorers see a Catalogue link on their dashboard.

If any topics, articles or pathways are available for self-enrolment by them, they will appear on their Catalogue page. If they have already enrolled in topics, articles or pathways which were available for self-enrolment, then they will not see those items in the Catalogue as they will already be present on their Dashboard.

Manage your enrolment rules

When you examine a topic, article or pathway, you will see if any enrolment rules have been applied to the topic on the Access tab and in the Self-Enrolment panel. Topics, articles and pathways can have multiple rules. You can also delete any existing rule if no longer needed. 

  • You can also see which rules are applied to each topic, article or pathway in the list of all those items in the Admin area.
  • NOTE: You cannot edit a rule. If you need to make changes, delete the rule and recreate the search settings for a new rule.

Bulk-enrol via an self-enrolment rule

Finally, you can also use self-enrolment rules to instantly enrol matching users.

Looking at the image above, you can see a 'Rule Rule' link beside the existing rule of 'Type is Staff'.

Pressing Run rule will immediately enrol all matching users who are not already enrolled. This can be a good process when you need to periodically enrol all new users matching the rule.

  • NOTE: This will also trigger the Manual Enrol email notification if enabled in that topic, article or pathway for all newly enrolled users.
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