Getting someone to review your topic is a terrific idea. They can review it for ideas about the knowledge or just to proof read the topic for errors. You have a few options for topic reviews as you create your topic.

In Stage 1 (topic outlining)

As you are completing Stage 1, once you finish outlining your topic, Sage will give you the opportunity to email yourself a copy of your topic outline.  Sage will even include a few questions to consider about your outline. 

You can then forward that email to some of your colleagues to get their feedback before you proceed any further.

In Stage 2 (topic editing)

Once you are in Stage 2, when you are editing your topic in detail, you have two options to have your topic reviewed, both of which can be found in drop-down choices in the Preview button.

First, you can share your topic with other users in your Tribal Habits portal. The 'Share topic' menu option will give you a URL you can provide to colleagues to allow them to enrol in your topic. Note that this will enrol them in the latest version of your topic (if any).

Second, you can request a topic review from Tribal Habits ('Request review'). This will request one of our topic creation experts to review your topic. You can request this review once per topic, so choose a good time for the review. 

Note that when we review your topic, we will largely focus on the structure and style of your topic, including choices of interactions, layout and clarity of explanation. We will not be able to comment on the quality of your knowledge or expertise. Tribal Habits topic reviews take up to 72 hours, so please allow enough time for feedback in your topic development processes.

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