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How do I provide a file or template for explorers to download?

The Download element allows you to share files with explorers during the learning process.
Written by Jordan Early
Updated 8 months ago

If you want to provide explorers with a file to download in your topic or article - an example spreadsheet, a PDF document, a template Word file - you can do this in three ways. 

 The easiest way is to use the DOWNLOAD element.

The Download element allows you to upload a file up to 100MB in size. You can optionally:

  • Set a display name for the file, which is the text used on the 'download' button for explorers. This might be a shorter or cleaner version of the actual file name.
  • Write a caption for your file, which might be instructions on its use or a summary of the file contents.

Explorers will then see the file with any caption, along with a button to download that file.

When you add a Download element, you can later change the file without having to recreate the element (typically to update to a later version of the file).

Alternative: URL or Embed

You can also use a URL or hyperlink in a Text element (or just about any other element including Insights, Columns, Polls and Quizzes) to link out to a file stored elsewhere. This can be useful when that file may be regularly updated. As long as the URL does not change, explorers can then always access the latest version of that file.

Finally, you can achieve a similar result with the Embed element which supports links to files in Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and other cloud storage providers.

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