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Can I upload slides (PowerPoint or Keynote) into a topic?

There are several elements (Embed, Video, Narration, Download) which allow you to show slides within a topic.
Written by David King
Updated 8 months ago

If you have an existing set of slides, perhaps from a workshop or other training situations, you may want to recreate those slides in your topic. 

You cannot directly upload PowerPoint or Keynote slides into a Tribal Habits topic for viewing by explorers. Slide decks are complex, large and often unsuited for learning. 

If your slide deck is large - it represents the entire topic - you should ideally create a new topic based around the content in that deck. That's the purpose of Tribal Habits - to turn your passive slides into interactive learning. This article can help you to prepare slides for transfer into a Tribal Habits topic.

If your slide deck is short, there are some options to display or 'recreate' it in Tribal Habits.

  • Embed. Our Embed element supports a variety of ways to display slides. You could upload your slides into Slide Share, or share your slides via a cloud-link.
  • Video. PowerPoint and Keynote make it easy to record a video voice-over of you talking through your slides. You just need a microphone and to record your slideshow with voice over. You can then export your slideshow as a video and upload it using the Video element in your topic.
  • Narration. The Narration element in Tribal Habits allows you to create an online slideshow, with a voiceover, of up to 10 slides. You can recreate your slide deck either by using text-based slides in Tribal Habits, or exporting your slide deck as images (.jpg or .gif) and uploading those slides into each slide in your Narration.
  • Download. You can upload your slide deck as a Download element in Tribal Habits and explorers can then download your deck for viewing. This is a good option if you are not concerned about distribution or re-use of your slides.
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