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How do I assign managers and mentors to people?

All users in Tribal Habits can have managers and mentors assigned to them.
Written by David King
Updated 4 days ago

All users in Tribal Habits have optional 'Manager's email' fields as part of each user's profile. Each user can have up to five Manager emails assigned to them.

When your manager's email (or team leader or relationship manager) is entered into that field, your manager can then be notified about various events for that user via the notifications engine in each topic. Each of their five manager emails can be managed individually for all notifications.

In addition, if the manager (team leader, relationship manager) is also a user themselves in Tribal Habits - with the EXACT same email address in their user profile - then a 'team' is automatically formed for that manager. All users which have that manager's email address will form part of manager's team.

Users who are managers can then view their team from their dashboard.

  • Managers will see a 'Team' link on their dashboard.
  • The Team page will list their team members with a summary of their current training enrolments, status and current year training history.
  • Managers can select any team members and view that person's profile. This will show their manager how that person is progressing with their topics and articles, their user details and their full training records.

Managers can also enrol team members into training .

  • Managers can also enrol their team into new topics, articles and pathways from the Team page. Managers can select members of their team using the checkboxes beside each team member. Then select the 'Enrol in knowledge' action above the team list.
  • This will bring up a box with all the knowledge (topics, articles and pathways) available for manager enrolments. Your portal admins will determine which knowledge is available for these manager enrolments.
  • Finally, after you select from the available list of knowledge, you can also optionally send an enrolment email to each person for each item of knowledge. Some knowledge will have enrolment emails enabled by default, but this option can ensure that enrolment emails are sent regardless of the individual settings on each topic, article and pathway.
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