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How are email notifications sent to users?

Learn how Tribal Habits sends emails to users and the settings you can update to improve email reception by your users.
Written by Rolf Lawrenz
Updated 8 months ago

Tribal Habits sends a variety of email notifications to your users - from invitation emails to enrolment emails to reminder emails. Let's review how these emails are sent and the settings you need to manage.

From and Reply Email

At the moment, we send emails on your behalf using a Tribal Habits email address, however, most users won't realise this is the case and emails will 'appear' to come from your organisation.

  • From Address. The 'From' address for emails is set to '[Primary Admin Name]', <>. For example, if the Primary Admin Name was Fred Smith at, then emails from your portal will be sent from 'Fred Smith <>'. If most user's inbox, they will just see 'Fred Smith' as the sender.
  • Reply Address. If a user replies to an email from our platform, the reply will be sent to your Primary Admin Email. For example, if the Primary Admin was Fred Smith,, then anyone who replies to an email notification from your platform will reply to that email address. This means you will receive any replies from system emails.

In the coming months, we will allow organisations to update their email records to allow Tribal Habits to send emails directly on behalf of your primary admin email (which will require updating your DNS records with DKIM and SPF information).

Setting the Primary Admin

This means that setting your Primary Admin Name and Email is important, as this will be visible to users and will receive any replies to your emails. These settings are managed on the Accounts/Settings tab in your Admin area.

 When setting your Primary Admin, we recommend:

  • Name. This name will be used on the From email address, but also as the 'signature' in several emails. For many organisations, they use a team-based name rather than an individual - e.g. ACME Training or ACME Human Resources.
  • Email. This email will be the 'reply to' email address. Ideally, it should be a real email (or email alias) which could receive any replies from your users. For many organisations, they use a team-based email which several people can access and monitor - e.g. or

Improving deliverability

Tribal Habits checks our emails against several popular spam filter services to ensure they are unlikely to be classed as spam or junk. Our emails are also sent from a dedicated IP address using a Tier 1 email distribution provider to avoid blacklisting.

If your emails are largely sent to internal users at your organisation and you want to take further steps to ensure emails are not caught by any internal spam filters, you can:

  • Whitelist the primary admin email address (if not already)
  • Whitelist emails from
  • Whitelist emails from [yoursubdomain]
  • Whitelist emails from our dedicated IP address (contact Support for this information)
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