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How can I leave notes about an explorer's training record or history?

You can add notes to explorer's progress to record discussions, meetings or outcomes associated with that knowledge (and export as PDF).
Written by Rolf Lawrenz
Updated 8 months ago

When an Admin is viewing the progress of an explorer in a topic or article, there is an option to add Notes about that explorer's progress in that topic or article.

  • Recording offline activities
  • Saving meeting notes with the explorer
  • Tracking offline assessment outcomes

To add a note to an explorer's progress, first view that explorer's progress in the desired topic or article. You can do this from the explorer's profile or from the list of explorers in a topic or article - in either case, click on their progress status (like exploring or conquered). This will then show you that explorer's detailed progress in that topic or article.

There is a Notes panel on that page with a New Notes link inside it. When you add a new note you can create a note of any length (in plain text formatting). We automatically track the Author and creation date of the note. If the note is edited later, we will automatically track the editor and updated date of the note.

You can add multiple notes, as well as edit and delete old notes.

If you want to export the data on this page, there is a PDF Progress button on the top right of that screen which will transform that page into a PDF for offline use.

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