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How much control do we have over the look and feel of Tribal Habits?

You can set the colours and logo of your brand and then Tribal Habits automatically styles your portal and all content to your brand.
Written by Jordan Early
Updated 3 months ago

You are able to…

  • Add your organisation logo
  • Enter any primary colour
  • Enter any secondary colour

The application will then ‘brand’ itself to use your colours and your logo.

In order to ensure a great experience in engaging with the content, we have carefully selected certain fonts, layouts and colours to enhance typography, navigation and interaction, so certain design elements are fixed and controlled by the application.

But rest assured, we make extensive use of your primary and secondary colours, so the experience feels very much like ‘your own organisation’.

It's free to update any of your branding, as often as you like. To do so, please contact Support with your request.

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